Lock Clad Cables

Bergen Cable is one of only two companies in the world approved to manufacture Lockclad cables per MIL-DTL- 87218. Lockclad cable assemblies are produced by swaging aluminum alloy tubing onto galvanized or stainless aircraft cable, which meets government specification MIL-W- 83420. These assemblies are primarily used as aircraft control cables. Lockclad was developed to eliminate sagging in long lengths of cable as well as to prevent wear of the cable. As the assembly passes through bulkheads and other obstructions in an aircraft, the aluminum tubing prevents abrasion of the outer wires. Benefits of Lockclad cable assemblies include:
  • Substantial reduction in stretch.
  • Elimination of cable sag.
  • Ability to be sealed when passed through pressurized bulkheads due to a fine cylindrical surface.
  • Dampening of cable vibration.
  • Higher coefficient of thermal expansion.
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Lock Clad Cables

Lock Clad

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