Bergen Cable Technology

Bergen Cable Technology, Inc is a leader in providing quality cable assemblies built to your design. Our long-standing reputation for excellence stems from our experienced team of professionals. Our operators to our engineers are supported with the best equipment, precise manufacturing techniques and the highest standards of quality assurance. This team works hand in hand with our customers to pinpoint exactly what is needed, whether it is a push-pull, index, support, control or drive cable in virtually any application. We will build the most cost-effective, reliable solution to your exact specifications and just-in-time delivery requirements.

As your cable connection for mechanical controls, Bergen Cable Technology, Inc offers you the world’s most complete assistance in meeting your needs for tough, reliable, long-life cable assemblies. Our team will work with you to find the exact solution for your design application. We have experience in a wide range of applications including aerospace, automotive, marine, medical, military, recreation, health and fitness and data processing just to name a few.

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