Miniature Cables

Microlin and Posilign miniature cable was developed for applications in which maximum flexibility, durability, and corrosion resistance are required within confined spaces. Critical applications such as medical devices, electronics, aircraft interiors as well as many others have benefited from miniature cable and assemblies manufactured by Bergen Cable.
Miniature Cables


Microlin cable is available in diameters ranging from .010” to .048” with breaking strengths of up to 175 pounds. Microlin is offered bare or nylon jacketed for improved durability. We also offer a complete line of off the shelf end fittings for cable assemblies. The miniature diameters and materials of Microlin cable allow it to be routed around bulkheads or obstructions with ease while maintaining high flexibility and fatigue resistance.


In addition to providing the same benefits as Microlin cable, Posilign offers the elimination of constructional stretch, allowing minimal elongation while under load. Removing constructional stretch assists with more accurate adjustment and minimal secondary adjustment to cable assemblies.


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