Lanyard Assembly

A lanyard is a flexible piece of material, such as a cable, cord, or webbing, that can fulfill various purposes, including providing a method for connecting, securing, retrieving, activating, or deactivating objects or equipment.

Lanyards are used in industries where the retention of fasteners, hardware, or components is required to prevent the loss of an item or to prevent injury.

For our lanyards, we primarily use 7×7 and 7×19 construction, stainless steel, and galvanized aircraft cables. If required, lanyards can also be manufactured using PVC or nylon-jacketed cable, available in a diverse collection of jacket colors, including clear.

Our lanyards are also used as door-restraint cables, theft-prevention cables, and aerospace fastener lanyards and in numerous other applications.

Types of Lanyard Fittings

Different types of lanyard fittings are available, each designed to serve specific purposes. Here are descriptions of a few standard lanyard fitting types:

Threaded Studs

Threaded studs are typically metal or plastic components that can be attached to the ends of a lanyard. They often have a screw-like design that allows you to securely fasten the lanyard to an object or attachment point. This type of lanyard is commonly used for tool tethers.

Oval Sleeves

Oval sleeves are small metal or plastic components with an oval shape that can be crimped onto the ends of a lanyard. They provide a secure and neat way to create loops or attachment points for various objects.

Stop Sleeves

Stop sleeves are similar to oval sleeves but are designed to prevent the lanyard from slipping through them. They offer additional security when creating loops or attaching items to the lanyard.

Button Stops

Button stops are usually made of metal or plastic and are used to create fixed loops at the ends of a lanyard. They are often used where you need a permanent loop or attachment point.

Ball Fittings

Ball fittings consist of a round, ball-shaped component that can be attached to the end of a lanyard. They provide a secure way to attach and disconnect items quickly, making them suitable for keychains and badge holders.


Eyelets are small metal rings that can be crimped onto the ends of a lanyard. They are versatile and can be used to attach various items or to create loops in the lanyard for different purposes.


Tabs are flat, rectangular components that are often sewn into fabric lanyards. They serve as attachment points for badges, ID cards, or other items and can be customized with logos or text.


Thimbles are small metal or plastic fittings that protect the lanyard from wear and tear when it’s looped around an attachment point, such as a hook or a shackle. They help extend the lanyard’s lifespan.

Custom Lanyard Assemblies & Specifications


At Bergen Cable, custom assemblies are our specialty! While other companies may be reluctant to accept complex assemblies that present manufacturing challenges, we embrace those opportunities. 

By combining our unique blend of in-house capabilities, we can meet our customer’s requirements for the most complex and demanding wire rope and cable assembly designs. Our custom assemblies are utilized by various industries within numerous applications that require a highly customized cable solution.


Here are some of the specifications Bergen Cable offers for their lanyard assemblies:

  • Construction: 7×7, and 7×19
  • Material: Galvanized and stainless steel
  • Jacketing: Nylon and PVC jackets available in various colors

Common Applications & Uses for Lanyards

Lanyards are versatile pieces of equipment that find applications in various industries and everyday life. Here are some common uses for lanyards:

Safety and Security

In industrial settings, lanyards can be used as door-restraint cables to secure doors and prevent them from opening under certain conditions, such as during maintenance or safety procedures.

Theft Prevention and Loss Prevention

Retailers often use lanyards with security cables to tether high-value items, such as electronics or clothing, to prevent theft and reduce the risk of loss.

Aerospace and Aviation

In the aerospace industry, lanyards are used to secure tools, fasteners, and other equipment to prevent them from becoming FOD (Foreign Object Debris) and causing damage to aircraft.

Why You Should Choose Bergen Cable

Founded in 1942 in Lodi, New Jersey, Bergen Cable has been an innovator in the wire rope and cable assembly industry by consistently creating solutions for various industries. We are the longest-running wire rope and cable assembly company currently in existence. 

For over 80 years, we have been assisting companies across the globe in choosing the correct wire rope and cable assemblies for their unique applications. Today, Bergen Cable is known for its unmatched technical expertise, the absolute best customer service in the business, and for providing value that exceeds expectations.

Some of the world’s most demanding product applications rely on Bergen Cable Technology. That is why top OEMs worldwide refer to us as their “cable connection.” We invite you to connect with us for complete, full-service engineering support and to learn more about our lanyard assemblies.